What people think

Our [future] customers [might] love SchemaVision

“Have you seen SchemaVision? Need I say more? Probably... because it's not in MVP yet. But it's going to be awesome.”

Nathan (The founder, and the person who wants this)

“Have you tried Azure Data Studio? It crashes when I try and load a 10000 row table. I'm going back to my SSMS loading screen until this is ready for MVP.”

Not a real user

“Running Java? More like, running away.”

Another fake user

“The last good database GUI I used was written in Delphi.”

Fake news? No, fake user

“I write my frontend, backend and database in the same language. It's called JavaScript. Now let's view my database with it..”

One of you possibly


A reasonable price to pay, for sanity.

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$89/ year

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  • Perpetual Fallback License


$69per user / year

Coming Soon.

  • Minimum 3 user licenses
  • Perpetual Fallback License
  • Priority Support


If you're an open source organization, we offer heavily discounted licenses for use on any number of projects.

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